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June 15 – 17, 2009 Final Errands Before Heading to America!

Posted by taylorsinchina on June 29, 2009

June 15 – Today was our “no drive” day so I hung out in Shunyi and packed suitcases and organized other household stuff that needs to be done before we leave town.

June 16 – Today was CRAZY…and the boys were real troopers going from place to place with me. I wanted to get all of my “in the city” errands finished today so that I could do my Shunyi ones tomorrow along with the final packing. We started out by at the Pearl Market getting those final orders picked up. Garrett and Toby went with me because they wanted Mr. Sun to take them across the alley to the Toy Market. They asked him to take them twice throughout the morning! We left the Pearl Market and headed to the Korean BBQ place afterward for lunch. It was black as night outside and a huge storm came through while we ate. The boys liked grilling their own meats and Mr. Sun liked the meal as well. I tried what I term “thousand bone fish” but gave up and let Mr. Sun have it. My favorite part of the meal was the dou fu pi (tofu skin with sesame oil and other seasonings)…it tastes like chicken…no kidding!

Once we got some energy from lunch, we headed to the Silk Market to pick up another jewelry order from Bill and Marie…the boys got to go out on the 5th floor balcony and see the city from that height so it was fun to them. Then we headed to Lido to visit Wang Li’s store and have her ship out a few boxes of her goods to mom and Betsy. The boys and Mr. Sun had a good time playing with her teensy little puppy. I purchased some Pashmina’s from her sister, Xiao Li (little Li) where she fed me a homemade fajita (I watched her make the tortilla)…so delicious! We then loaded up and headed home. Once at home, I ran up to the club house and had my hair done and finalized a few things with the front desk.

June 17 – Today, I packed the rest of my items and met Katie at Dragonfly for pedicures and manicures. I had the local Kodak shop make prints for Mr. Sun of his Hutong home and then dropped off a few boxes of kid clothing to the RoundAbout charity store. At about 4:30 p.m., we loaded up again and headed into the city with our friends Svetlana and Sasha to meet the guys at Pushkin, a good Russian restaurant. That was such a great meal! Svetlana and Mark will be moving to Brunei and then to D.C. about a week after we leave for the summer. We will miss their friendship and good laughs when we return to Beijing.

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