Daily Life of Boot Wearin' Dirt Kickers in China

A Midwestern American family figures out how to live, love and laugh in China

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About Us

Our family moved from Kansas City, Missouri to Beijing, China during March 2006.  We had a lot to learn about what the world was really like outside of our wonderful home country of America.

Easter 2009

This Blog is a running commentary of:

– our entry into the Chinese culture

– a LOT of confusion and culture shock as we set up our new life

– a LOT of laughs…most of the time at our own expense

– some anger, confusion and venting

– local habits…squatter toilets, spitting, crazy driving

– travel, culture and crazy food

– raising two boys and a husband

– watching two boys turn into third culture children

– school and family activities

– pets

– language issues…barriers, learning and misunderstandings

– things that we think SUCK about China

– things that we think are AWESOME about China

– things that we think are CRAZY about China

– domestic staff personalities, quibbles and thankfulness

Check in on Aaron, Donna, Toby, Garrett, Bernie the dog, Thunder and Sissy the hamsters, Wang the housekeeper and Mr. Sun the family driver as our China adventure continues to unfold and sometimes even unravels!

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